Sicomin GreenPoxy bio resins enable sustainable production for skis

Sicomin GreenPoxy bio resins enable sustainable production for skis

Sicomin, a formulator and supplier of high performance epoxy systems and advanced composite materials, has collaborated with French ski manufacturer Zag to provide customers with products that are less harmful to the environment.

Sicomin has been integral to Zag’s eco-friendly approach with the supply of advanced bio resin GreenPoxy33 for the manufacture of their extra light touring ski range. These versatile skis are designed to maintain exceptional performance in deep snow, and so must be lightweight and strong.

Historically, Zag selected SR8500 advanced, multi-purpose epoxy (Germanischer Lloyds and Lloyds Registry approved) to produce the touring range with good results. However, to increase their sustainable production practices, Zag switched to GreenPoxy33.

Part of Sicomin’s range of bio based chemistries, GreenPoxy 33 is a clear system formulated especially for compression moulding techniques. All the GreenPoxy products are certified by the American BETA laboratory and French CNRS and tested in accordance with Carbon 14 measurements (ASTM D6866 or XP CEN/TS 16640).

The Zag team has trialled the new Touring GreenPoxy skis in a variety of glacier, powder, hard pack and melting snow conditions. All reports have indicated the skis responded extremely well delivering the same performance and strength as previous SR8500 versions.


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