Raising the bar

Now available from Tornos UK is the new Almac FB1005 horizontal bar milling machine, capable of simultaneous 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-axis machining. The introduction of the Almac range of machine tools complements the current series of Tornos CNC turning centres and is destined to deliver productivity benefits to manufacturers of high precision components.

The Almac FB1005 has been designed to produce high precision parts from either raw material (profile bar) or semi-finished components. The flexible and modular FB1005 works on X, Z and Y axes in its standard format for customers that produce only simplistic parts but for end users with more demanding production environments the FB1005 can be equipped with a C axis for indexing, a B axis for tilting and W axis for feeding the workpiece.
Suited to productive environments that demand high levels of accuracy, the Almac FB1005 is an ideal fit for bar machining business in the medical, electronic, connector, optical, dental or watchmaking/jewellery sectors. With a modular design, user friendly CNC control and a compact ergonomic design, the FB1005 is a flexible machine tool for a variety of applications.

Featuring X, Y and Z axis strokes of 280mm, 230mm and 120mm respectively, the compact FB1005 has a 360° degree C axis and 0 to 20° tilt on the B axis with a pneumatic W axis feed of 50mm. Within the compact and versatile envelope lies a productive machine tool with a 5m/minute feed capability and 12m/minute rapid feed that moves a 12,000rpm spindle with a clamping diameter of 1mm to 13mm.
For the user, the FB1005 has a number of options available such as NUM or GE Fanuc control, a high speed spindle, oil/mist extractor, a heating cycle, tool breakage detection, coolant temperature control and an articulated arm for the removal of parts from the work envelope.





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