PPG introduces new Tufrov, Hybon and Innofiber products

PPG has added three new products to its Tufrov, Hybon and Innofiber fibre glass product lines. Hybon 2732 direct draw roving fibre glass is engineered to enhance the strength of composite structural products made of pultruded fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP).

With minimal profile warping, low process abrasion and lower running tensions than competitive products, Hybon 2732 roving enhances the processability of continuous FRP shapes and profiles of structures made with constant cross-sections, such as oil and gas platforms, architectural products, ladder rails, cellular and utility towers, and other power-generation and infrastructure applications. It also features better dry roving tensile strength for improved compatibility with unsaturated polyester resins in pultrusion processes.

Tufrov 4520 roving delivers a combination of high mechanical strength and enhanced long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) processing, especially in hot, humid production environments. With high tensile strength and excellent abrasion characteristics, Tufrov 4520 roving reduces downtime and enables the formation of stronger, higher-quality thermoplastics for automotive components, truck liners, aerospace cargo containers, component housings and other applications with high structural requirements.

Innofiber TS 2402 direct draw roving fibre glass is a new composition designed to optimise sound absorption through enhanced volumising inside muffler cavities for automotive and industrial exhaust systems. Based on the same innovative corrosion-resistant, high-temperature composition as Innofiber CR roving, Innofiber TS 2402 roving is made without boron to increase the glass softening point and meet the stringent performance specifications of leading global automakers.

Camilo Serrano, PPG global business manager, direct draw fibre glass, said the launch of multiple products illustrates PPG’s continuing commitment to its customers. “Each formulation establishes a new level of performance for its targeted application, helping our customers to create better end products,” he said.


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