OMAX introduces new essentially-featured waterjet line for international markets

OMAX introduces new essentially-featured waterjet line for international markets

OMAX has announced the launch of its new GlobalMAX abrasive waterjet line, reliable and practical machines capable of cutting virtually any material, available exclusively through international distribution.

The GlobalMAX line takes advantage of two and a half decades of waterjet industry research and development to offer a completely integrated system of pump, table, and advanced motion control system that is easy to use.

Stephen Bruner, vice president of marketing at OMAX, said: “The GlobalMAX product line was created to extend our waterjet engineering and manufacturing technology base to more customers. The product line features our proven direct drive pump technology, easy-to-use software, and innovative drive technology. We build waterjet systems that help our customers make money in the short and long term and this product line is no exception. With GlobalMAX, OMAX aims to redefine value-oriented waterjets.”

The GlobalMAX product line, which includes software, pumps, and tables, will be produced in Kent, Washington to ensure quality and component compatibility. International OMAX distributors are certified installers and servicers and are trained at OMAX headquarters.

The GlobalMAX will be available in a 3.0 x 1.5m cutting bed size. There are also two direct drive pump sizes available, 20HP and 30HP. Like all OMAX abrasive waterjets, the GlobalMAX can cut almost any material and a wide variety of material thicknesses without any heat-affected zone (HAZ). The machine does X/Y axis cutting with three degrees of freedom and a linear positioning accuracy of 0.25mm and has a number of compatible accessories, including a terrain follower, a pneumatic drill and a bulk garnet feed hopper.

The new GlobalMAX line will debut at the CIMT show this April 2017 in Beijing, China and is available in international markets outside of the United States.


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