No cable on the table

With infrared transmission and therefore no cable connections, the new TT 449 touch probe from Heidenhain (GB) provides flexible tool inspection in conjunction with CNC system measuring cycles on a wide range of machine tools using Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC systems.

The TT 449 probe offers an accuracy of ±15µm and a reproducibility of ±1µm at a velocity of 5m/minute. Deflection of probe contact in all directions is ±5mm, and typical battery operating time is 200 hours.
Used with the Heidenhain SE 642 transmitter, the new probe can integrate and operate in conjunction with the Heidenhain TS infrared workpiece touch probe. Measured tool data is saved in the CNC tool memory.

Cable connected probes on 5-axis machines, in particular, are traditionally problematic particularly when tilting or rotating the work table. The installation of a laser system with pneumatic unit is, in many cases, considered an over engineered solution.

The Heidenhain TT 449 however offers a simpler, more cost-effective solution, since it can be placed anywhere on the worktable – even on rotary tables – and, with no cables, fast and easy installation is guaranteed, the manufacturer claims.




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