New player Ironjaw boosts injection press clamping force

Ironjaw, a new player in the injection market, launches the first clamping-force “booster” system for injection presses.

The technology, which can be adapted to all types of mould, increases the capacity of the injection press, enabling 30-60% more clamping force.

Ironjaw founder and CEO Bruno Machet said: “Our system has been successfully tested on several million R&D-stage parts, leading us to create a company that is dedicated to the technology in order to provide the world’s plastics processors and moulders with a cost-effective solution to boost press capacity. The technology makes it possible to use presses that are less powerful but more energy efficient to achieve the same result, with an immediate impact on part production prices.”

Injection concerns all sectors that use plastics: building & construction, packaging, automotive, electronics, and more. The start-up developed a standard range of Ironjaw systems, from S to XL, and will unveil its innovation at Moulding Expo from 30th May to 2 June 2017, in Stuttgart.

The major equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United States will be testing the Ironjaw innovation over the next few months and the first industrial deliveries are announced for mid-2017.


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