New mobile dust extractor revealed by Direct Tool Company

New mobile dust extractor revealed by Direct Tool Company

Direct Tool Company (DTC) has launched the new DEL500 Mobile Dust and Fume Extractor by Delton Tools.

The mobile unit capable of cleaning 1700m3/hr is designed to save finishing workshops across the UK both time and money.

DTC works closely with a large portion of users in the finishing industry, from accident repair centres to composite aviation super centres.

Featuring a metallic black finished design which will compliment any modern workshop, and with a choice of filtration to handle almost any hazardous particulate, the DEL500 could cause upset across the industry.

Weighing in at 90Kg, the sturdy inflatable wheels allow for dynamic manoeuvrability and easily deals with steps, cables, uneven surfaces and other common workshop obstacles. This key feature alone makes the usability of the DEL500 far better suited to professional use.

Luke Wakeford from DTC said: “Ease of use was the core element considered when specifying the requirements of this new addition to the Delton air tools range. We couldn’t ignore the frustrations from our customers who desperately needed an affordable alternative. So quickly set about to develop something which would make their lives easier, the DEL500 was born.”

Not only is the filtration interchangeable but this mobile dust extractor comes with either a 2m or 3m self-supporting articulated arm and range of hoods; each designed for specific jobs. Other nifty optional extras include a low voltage spotlight for the hood and a carbon activated gas filter for odour reduction.


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