Hexcel showcases composite innovations at ISPO Munich 2017

Hexcel showcases composite innovations at ISPO Munich 2017

Hexcel is promoting its range of composite materials for skis, snowboards and other high performance winter sports equipment at ISPO Munich in February 2017.

To enable the creation of extremely lightweight components with no compromise in performance, technologies on display include: HexPly M78.1, a fast-curing prepreg system offering ski manufacturers greater production flexibility and HiMax engineered multiaxial reinforcements.

A key supplier to the winter sports market for more than 40 years, Hexcel understands the requirements of this fast moving industry, where the drive for higher performance means manufacturers must continuously develop improved designs exploiting the latest technological advances.

Hexcel’s innovations in epoxy resins, carbon fibre fabrics, prepregs, laminates and polyurethane systems are enabling the manufacture of lighter, stronger and more durable skis and snowboards to answer the needs of world class competitors, as well as the demanding sporting enthusiast.

At ISPO this year, Hexcel will introduce the latest addition to its HexPly prepreg range, which has been developed to help ski manufacturers reduce production cycle times.

HexPly M78.1 features a fast-curing hot melt epoxy resin matrix and is available with carbon, glass or aramid fibre reinforcements. It is designed for applications where short cycles at around 110°C are required. The prepreg cures in 7 minutes at 120°C, yet it has a long storage out life of 2 weeks at room temperature, meaning there is often no need for freezer storage, saving time and energy. HexPly M78.1 is a low tack system making it easy to handle. It also provides excellent adhesion to auxiliary and core materials including aluminum, wood, thermoplastics and elastomers. Customers are finding that this new system provides greater flexibility in ski manufacture, enhancing the process and the quality of the final product.

Hexcel will exhibit on Booth 344, Hall A4, in the ski exhibit area at ISPO Munich in Germany from 5-8 February 2017.


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