Ensinger acquires Swiss composite specialist “next composites”

Ensinger acquires Swiss composite specialist “next composites”

Ensinger in Nufringen has taken over Swiss plastics processing company next composites. The small company based in Otelfingen near Zurich develops technologies for manufacturing products made of thermoplastic fibre composite materials.

The specialists for designing and processing these composite materials create prototypes and put complete production lines into operation on behalf of their customers. Ensinger already offers semi-finished products made of highly filled carbon fibre composite material, however the process technologies from next composites will enhance the range of technologies for manufacturing components. Reciprocally, next composites will benefit from the Ensinger group’s broad customer base.

Carbon reinforced thermoplastics are particularly suitable for lightweight construction applications in the automotive industry, in medical technology, and in mechanical engineering. Sports goods such as bike components or winter sports equipment are an additional growth market for these modern materials.

When high-strength carbon fibres are embedded in a light plastic matrix, this creates a composite with an exceptionally high specific rigidity and strength. Compared with thermosets, thermoplastics can be welded and usually offer higher levels of toughness, improved chemical resistance, and they can be used effectively as a recyclate. By using partial or full automation, higher quantities at competitive prices are within range of ongoing development.


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