Fluids in focus

Lubricant manufacturer, Rhenus Lub provides a forward-thinking solution to the machining process of composite materials, with the use of its specially-developed range of coolants.

Train don’t blame

It’s often hard to see the merits of joining up some of the over complicated dots in the UK’s composites manufacturing industry. Particularly when they concern the amount of government support for hot topics like training and increasing the skill levels of advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Training across the board

Whether it’s a lack of specific courses, or a fall-off in UK investment, the composites sector has more work to do in training. Lou Reade reports.

Model behaviour for composites

At JEC World, Ed Hill spoke to ESI Group about how it utilises its virtual prototyping solution for composite part design and manufacturing.

Built to last

As Composites in Manufacturing discovers, a component is only as good as the pattern it is made from. And Buckinghamshire-based Freeform Technology should know – it has been manufacturing precision patterns and moulds for components since 2008.

One brand, many strengths

During last month’s JEC World exhibition in Paris, Mike Richardson met with Roth Composite Machinery’s sales director, Bernd Fischer to hear about the latest developments in the world of filament winding.

Making your concept a reality

Composites in Manufacturing hears how customers can have the opportunity to test wind their products at McClean Anderson’s onsite lab and how the filament winding process can be used for many products: from small fuses to rocket boosters!

It’s all about the fibre

Luke Vardy, managing director of independent specialist creel designer and manufacturer, Cygnet Texkimp offers this overview of where the company is positioned within the UK’s rich tapestry of manufacturing innovation.