About Composites in Manufacturing

Circulated to a carefully researched and selected readership of over 10,000,Composites in Manufacturing (CiM) delivers the latest news, product developments, topical features, application stories and event previews from across the UK composites industry every quarter.

Published in February/March, April/May, June/July, September/October and November/December, each issue of CiM will include exclusive application stories reporting on the latest news affecting the aerospace, automotive/autosport, construction, marine, medical, military, sports equipment, wind energy/power generation and railway industries.

CiM also will include news, material technologies, design for manufacture, production technology, industry reports, supply chain, products, expert opinion and an events diary.CiM’s breadth of technical knowledge will cover R&D, design (including CAD/CAM, PLM and simulation & visualisation), production equipment (including prepregging, RTI, RTM, filament winding, pultrusion, weaving, braiding, nano-stitching, tufting, CNC routing, manual/auto tape laying, vacuum bag moulding, autoclave ovens, automated cutting systems and waterjet cutting), cutting tools, composite production techniques (including joining, fastening and assembly), workholding, test & measurement (including NDT/NDE, X-ray, spectroscopy and MRI) and environmental concerns (including ‘green’ objectives, recycling, disposal and legislation).


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